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Scoutlook: Patriots' TE Rob Gronkowski

Scoutlook: Patriots' TE Rob Gronkowski

Fantasy football expert Brian Murphy describes himself as risk-averse. While he can see the tremendous value of New England Patriots' Rob Gronkowski, is the fantasy stud TE worth taking a chance on? How early do you have to reach for him? Find out all that and more in this SCOUTLOOK.

If Rob Gronkowski was made of adamantium (you know, that stuff in Wolverine's bones), this article would be much shorter. The only point of debate would be if he is the best or second-best tight end in fantasy football. Alas, The Gronk is fragile and mortal like the rest of us, and discussion of his fantasy stock is much more complicated. He is coming off of a couple of injury-marred seasons. We...
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