Best Rack For Your Ranger

Best Rack For Your Ranger

Do you sometimes run out of storage space in the back of your Polaris Ranger? Then it's time to upgrade with a MUD Cargo Bed Rack.

Moose Utility Division (or MUD for short) offers topnotch ATV and UTV accessories for the hunter, rancher and anyone who enjoys outdoor recreation. As the industry leader in ATV/UTV parts and accessories, MUD carries thousands of items, ranging from hunting gear and cargo bags, to bumpers and snow plows.

My father-in-law owns a Polaris Ranger, and he's nice enough to let me beat the crap out of it during South Dakota's spring turkey season, spring/summer food plot building, and fall deer hunts. And while the Ranger does an amazing amount of work, the one downside is cargo space/storage.

Here's what I mean: At times I'll have the Ranger loaded with a half-dozen hang-on treestands, which leaves no room for coolers or milk crates loaded with tools. If I put the coolers and crates on top of the treestands, nothing rides well and I have to keep rearranging things because inevitably the item I need is at the bottom of the cargo pile.

But very soon I'm going to give my father-in-law the gift of a MUD Cargo Bed Rack for his Ranger. It features tool-less installation (so even I can handle it!) and all-steel welded tubing, which is powder-coated for durability. The 18-inch-wide rack provides 15 inches of clearance, and available accessories include fuel storage and rifle scabbard boot. The way I see it, the bed rack is a simple solution to my storage problem.

And I'll leave you with the best news: The Ranger rack is made in the USA!

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